11 Hours Book Review

11 Hours Book Summary ​

Hello, friends, I am here with another book is quite thrilling and romantic ’11 hours’ by Danial Paul Singh book review.

11 Hours

11 Hours by Danial Paul Singh book review is a romantic thriller revolves around love, friendship, hate, suspense and crime. There are 5 main characters in the story Robin, Diana, Prabhu, Brindha and the Loser. Robin and Diana a loving couple enjoying their life with love and joy. But on the of Robin’s birthday, he got a shock. Diana is not coming to form her office late at night, now Robin is thinking where is Diana. Suddenly he got a call from someone and on the other side is a male voice said ‘find Brindha.’ if you want your wife back so, please find her. Robin said, “who are you?” and the voice replied, “I am the Loser”. Please get her, you have only 11 hours. What? Robin thinking who the hell is “Loser”? and who the hell is Brindha? and Why I have to find her? then after thinking sometime, he remembered that Brindha is his long lost crush.

11 Hours Book Review​

11 hours


This is Danial’s debut novel. A romantic thriller.

Chapters and story are revolving around flashbacks and present scenario.

 Authors writing style is good you feel realistic.

The suspense of the story is absolutely groundbreaking.

Inclusion of actual places from Chennai.

keeps you guessing.

The perfect blend of love, hate, anger, science, confusion and suspense.


Sometimes you may confuse while reading because the story revolves around present and past.

The story is too long because of unnecessary conversation.

It’s the same storyline as Bollywood. 

Sometimes the story is so predictable.


11 Hours book

11 Hours

Title: 11 Hours 
Author: Danial Paul Singh
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Write Indian Publishers
Edition: First (10 October 2018)
Language: English

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