84 Chaurasi ( चौरासी)

84 Chaurasi (चौरासी)

Hello, friends, I am here with my other book 84 Chaurasi (चौरासी), but this book is in Hindi but this book is quite amazing and you love it when you read it.

84 Chaurasi ( चौरासी)

84 Chaurasi (चौरासी) by Satya Vyas and this Satya’s  3rd book, the author’s 2 books already bestsellers, in this book there is the story of  Bokaro city (Bihar) and a love story, the story revolves around 1984 Sikh riots. In this book, there is a description of riots against Sikh, how Sikhs are torture in riots, how the people cruel against them, they are their neighbours. but there is a sweet love story of Rishi and Manu. Rishi is a Bihari boy, he is an orphan, his parents died in an unfortunate accident. but he is a kind and good looking boy all nearby neighbour respect him. Manu is a Sikh girl and Rishi’s landlord daughter, she is quite naughty and a mischievous girl. She likes Rishi but never tells her feelings in front of him. She always does pranks with Rishi. Rishi also likes Manu and their nature. one day they confess their love in front of each other. But all the scenario change after the death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by their own Sikh bodyguards, and Rishi knows all the consequences of this act, the riots start against the Sikh. He wants to save their love Manu.

84 Charurasi

“ब्याह औरतों से आँगन छीनता है और व्यापार मर्दों से गाँव.”

84 Chaurasi (चौरासी) - Review

84 chaurasi
  • 84 Chaurasi is in Hindi, you may easily understand and there is a mixture of Bihari and Punjabi accent. 
  • You loved it when read the story.
  • Choose if you want to read tragic as well as a romantic love story.
  • If you want a glance of 1984 Sikh Riots.
  • You find every emotion in this when reading it happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and surprise. 
  • If you want the ‘new’ Hindi language then you must read it.
  • Satya Vyas this book is a classic.
  • Title – 84 Chaurasi
  • Author- Satya Vyas
  • Language – Hindi
  • Publisher – Hindi yugm
  • Genre – Fiction
  • Publication Date – 19 Oct 2019
  • Pages – 160
  • Format/Binding – Paperback

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“त्रासदी यह है कि प्रेम हर मज़हब का एक अंग है जबकि इसे ख़ुद ही एक मज़हब होना था.”

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