Murder in a miunte


Murder in a minute - A view

 Hello, friends, I am here with my other book the Murder in a minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya. This is Shouvik’s debut novel and the story about the murder of successful businesswoman Esha, who found dead in her bedroom, in the presence of all the member in the family.

Murder in a minute

Murder in a minute, the story is all about mystery and full of thriller and suspense. in this, there are many characters Esha, Pranav, Anubhav, Rishabh, Arya and many more.
As you read the title of the story you get some hint that is the book based on a murder mystery.
Esha is an ambitious businesswoman, and growing her ancestral business day by day, she has a loving boyfriend and a good family, but one day she found dead in her bedroom. A pool of blood around her head. Her family get shocked, who did this because they all saw Esha one minute ago and now she is dead. They called the police and they do an investigation, but there are two more people who also desperate to find out the murderer, they both are Esha’s brother Arya and Rishabha because they were very close to their sister especially Arya. When they both are investigating they found another mystery of blue envelope that was missing from the Esha’s Bedroom. They finally found the murderer but when they found the family get shocked………

Murder in a minute - Author

About Author

Shouvik Bhattacharya

Shouvik was born on kolkata, he is a management graduate fro SP Jain, Mumbai. Murder in a minute is his debut nove. Genre is mostly crime, mystery and thriller.

Murder in minute - Review


Shouvik writing is very simple and you can easily understand the story.

  • If you are looking for lighted heart thriller than you can go for it. 
  • In this story there are good characters, amazing plot and Simple language. 
  • The story engaged you and its and its a fast-paced story. 
  • In this book you may also know the author’s second book. 
  • The book really justified the title.
  • Some times the book presents clumsy writing, and talking about the past things, that made you boring sometimes.
  • But the overall book is amazing and you must read this thriller and murder mystery.
  • It’s a worth reading.
  • Title – Murder in a minute
  • Author – Shouvik Bhattacharya.
  • Language – English
  • Publisher – Bloomsbury
  • Genre – fiction (Thriller)    
  • Format/Binding – Paperback    

If you want to read buy your copy click here.

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