The girl in room 105

The Girl In Room 105


Keshav Rajpurohit IIT pass out and teaching in a small institute for JEE Mains exam he gets screwed with his life and he wants to get over with his girlfriend. He living with his friend Sourav. Keshav had broken 4 years ago with his girlfriend Zara Lone because of some reason. Zara moves one in his life Keshav is still there and wants to get Zara in his life. Zara patch with Raghu a good gu he also an engeenire, and he starts his own startup. Zara and he gets engaged and Keshav is not happy with all this. But on Zara’s birthday, Zara suddenly messaged Keshav please meet her. Keshav and Sourav get shocked after Zara’s message, Keshav wants to meet with Zara in her hostel room no. 105. when he reaches there his whole life was changed. He found Zara dead on her bed. After this, all story revolves around Zara’s murder investigation and in all this Keshav wanted to find the murderer, in this search of the murderer he goes Kashmir, met with militants, and with army man Captain Faiz, he bears all risk to find the culprit but when he found the culprit he gets shocked…..

 “When people say ‘I quote’ and pause, they come across as scary-level intellectuals. Let’s face it, nobody wants to mess with the ‘I quote’ types.”


The Girl in Room 105 - Review

Book Review
  • Chetan Bhagat writing style is so simple and if want start reading you may choose it.
  • This is a murder mystery and if like to read thrilling story you may choose this.
  • This is an entertaining read.
  • If fan of Chetan Bhagat you may read this.
  •  Title – the girl in room 105
  • Author – Chetan Bhagat
  • Publisher – Westland
  • Language – English and available in 8 other languages.
  • Genre – Fiction (Thriller)
  • Pages – 312
  • Edition – 1, 2018
  • Format/Binding – paperback

 “When you lose something, don’t think of it as a loss. Accept it as a gift that gets you on the path you were meant to travel on”,”



Chetan Bhagat is an Indian novelist as well as he is columnist, public speaker and screenplay writer. He is the writer of 9 best selling books, his notable works include Five points in someone in life, the 3 mistakes of my life and 2 states, Most of his works based on Indian society and culture. Bhagat was on Delhi on 22 April 1974 in a traditional Punjabi family. He studied at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and married a fellow student, Anusha Suryanarayanan, in 1998. He moved to Hong Kong and working as an investment banker for 11 eleven years in gold Goldman Sachs, but he leaves that job and moves to India in Mumbai. While working as a banker he had already begun to write manuscripts for his first two novels. His debut novel, Five Point Someone– What not to do at IIT!, was published in 2004. 


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